The Liberation Collective is the group blog of six radical feminist writers. We hope to provide an online space for radical feminist commentary around issues of interest to our community. Although we are closely aligned in sisterhood and in politics, not all of the views expressed by any member are necessarily shared collectively. Similarly, guest posts may not necessarily entirely reflect the views of the collective. We do share a strong commitment to the women’s liberation movement and we hope to provide an online platform from which to build sisterhood as well as strengthen our theory and analysis of male dominance. Politically, we are collectively pro-women and lesbian rights, anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, trans-ideology critical, and PIV-critical, among many other things.
The discussions on this blog are reserved for women only, and no male-born or male-identified person is given a platform to speak in this space. Comments are moderated for discussion, not for hostile debate and harassment over the core tenets of radical feminist philosophy. We hope that the Liberation Collective blog can be a positive, welcoming and affirming space for radical feminists to read, discuss and analyse together.

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  1. Freda said:

    Words fail just now to express the joy of finding this blog. Joy joy joy…A forum a platform a group of voices validating my experience and thoughts on the oppression of gender essentialism. My human female body and my bi sexual serially monogamous life style and my belief that gender roles are a social construct… the all of me thanks the all of you for your hard work.

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